How to Spot a Scam

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Weekly Update 3/24/2010

This is a scam alert update for 3/24/2010:

Name: Brad Farr

Name: Mandy Gluford

Name: John Murray

Name: Thomas Garrison

Name: Greg Teady

Name: Micheal John

Name: Jude Fox

Name: Dr. Jimmy Jat

Name: Daley Martins
Email: unknown

Name: Gary Anderson
Location: UK
Accomplice: Tiffany Freeland

Name: John/Mary Carlton

Friday, March 12, 2010

More Con Artists to Avoid

Update 3/12/2010:

Name: Harry James
Email: jamesharry910@gmail

Name: Mike King

Name: Clara Wilson

Name: Barry James

Name: Richard Baker

Name: Daniel Lappen
Email: unknown

Name: James Weaver

Name: Brad Farr

Scam Artist Update 3/12/2010

Be very careful when contacted by the following characters:

Name: Mary & Luke Zatarski

Name: Bryon Rudd

Name: Bradley Hunter

Name: Thomas Coker

Name: Galvin Green

Avoid Katana Marketing in Ottawa

Katana Marketing, located in Ottawa, is another Cydcor outfit that preys on people by exploiting it's employees and lying to it's customers. This office acts like a cult, complete with clapping and chanting and the brainwashing of it's corporate mantra. The ever elusive 'opportunity' you are promised never materializes, but usually it's too late by the time you realize you've been suckered in. The amount of money you can make is pitiful in relation to the amount of hours you put in. You work 12 hours/day 6 days/week for about $300-400, if your good or lucky. To advance you need to build a 'team', which you initially finance, but this becomes impossible when you see that the average person only lasts for 2 weeks. This is door to door work paid strictly on commission, if you can't sell you don't make money. You have little to no support from management other than the stream of b.s you pass along. I tried this business for 3 months before I finally wised up. Stay away from this company, they will just use you.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Scam Update

This is a scam alert for 3/09/2010:

Name: Alfred Atakorah

Name: Bob Draper

Name: Dmary Jane

Name: Nicholas Scotfield

Friday, March 5, 2010

Scam Alert Update

This is a scam artist update for 3/5/2010:

Name: Frances Hedges

Name: William Johnson

Name: Martha Cummings

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Phony Pastors and Landlords Oh My!

If Hell exists rest assured that scam artists who pose as clergy members will be first in line to visit. They will be followed by those who pose as landlords that attempt to swindle people out of money.

Name: Pastor Michael Uhlenkott

Fake Landlord: John & Mary Vicario
Email: ,

Donna Karan Fashion Designer or Nigerian Fraudster?

Thank you to the person who sent this experience to us.

Donna Karan wants to rent me a luxury apartment in Washington, DC!

(It's amazing. Not only did I think I was getting a great February 2010deal on a 2/bdrm 2/bath condo via Washington, DC Craigslist, I also learned that Donna Karan was a construction engineer on top of being a famous designer of cashmere pashminas! But before anyone writes me off for being naive, I knew something wasn't right was all along. The REAL scam would have been Donna Karan trying to claim she was actually 43 years old, and not her actual age of 60. But I digress.)

Thank you all for posting your stories to this site. Given my familiarity to several of the Nigerian fraud scams, I knew all along something didn't seem right with the email response that I received. Nevertheless, I came across this blog by simply googling the email address used by Donna. I'm really glad to see how many others were willing to share their stories so that others can learn from this. Here is my story:

It seems that Ms. Karan's hotmail address used the same email username "xbxofootlilfre" in February 2010 for a Dupont Circle condo in DC as well as earlier this year. Interestingly, Gmail did note the actual time difference of the hotmail address as being sent from the UK. (Note: Lagos, Nigeria is actually one hour ahead of GMT.)

Watch out for video download links

WATCH OUT FOR THIS REPLY THAT ASKS YOU TO DOWNLOAD A VIDEO in response to a very specific 'for sale' craigslist posting!

Scammer name: Clara BLIMKA


saw the AD you posted on craigslist and I'm very interested in purchasing your item but I am not too sure if its the same type that my cousin is after. Obviously I want to make sure before I commit myself to buying it. Anyways here is a video link that I copied from my son's computer VID1 (if not work try VID2). Can you please confirm its the similar type and reply back to me ASAP. Im willing to pay more than what your asking for as long the item matches the video description and you can reserve it for me.

Thanks for your time.